Over the years, Search Institute has sold more than six million copies of 150 Ways to Show Kids You Care, a simple yet powerful poster. Like all of Search Institute’s work, the poster translates scientific research into simple, actionable ways that adults can make a positive difference in young people’s lives. 

A Search Institute team recently visited the Woodson Kindergarten Center in Austin, Minnesota, where the students helped us re-imagine the ideas on the poster. If you could use a quick reminder of why caring for young people is always worth your time, click here to meet the kindergarteners:  


In 2014, Search Institute will release important new studies and tools that put research to work on behalf of kids. As a nonprofit organization, we need your support to continue our efforts to focus on building children’s strengths rather than dwelling on their deficits. In the years ahead, we will be working to understand and strengthen the developmental relationships that help young people become their very best selves. With your support, we will open the “black box” of relationships to analyze the ways to help young people develop critical life skills.  

For every donation of $25 or more that we receive through the end of 2013, Search Institute will donate a pack of 150 Ways posters to a school or program that primarily serves young people who live in poverty.

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